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So Trump Is Saying He Might Not Accept The Election Results  

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29/08/2020 7:04 am  

Phid, well ever since Dr Fakey said voting in person is safe, the Left has turned against him.  He's no longer their Covid messiah. 

Donnie, there will be riots, but Trump will definitely send in the forces to curb it after he's reelected. He knows this is why we voted for him.

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Donald Baker
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29/08/2020 9:08 am  

If Trump comes down too hard, then I fear the backlash will be severe and I fear they might try to assassinate him.  I literally see no scenario where this will end peacefully in the end. 

Even if Trump were to be revealed as the Dark Lord of the Sith, he's still better than the last four presidents we've had.

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01/09/2020 8:59 pm  

If they try to assassinate him, then the gloves would be off.  Everyone would have to make their decision, then and there.  Side with the nation, or side with the rebellion?  Would be a scary moment.

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