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The end of Fauci?

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We're starting to see the cracks in the narrative accelerate even more in the last few weeks.  Could this be the end of the charade?  There was a video out yesterday showing the Pfizer CEO say that the regular vaccine provided "very little protection, if any", right before pumping the *new* vaccine that they're coming out with in March.  You can't make this stuff up.


And then they're new information coming out about Fauci.  Is his end near?  I don't understand all the implications of it yet, but Project Veritas unearthed some information that seems to challenge his claims he made some months ago.  Now, Republicans are investigating.

 Will Fauci be forced to retire?  Will he be arrested?

Donald Baker
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Nothing will happen.  He is protected.  They will just move the goal posts again and keep us under their thumb.

Even if Trump were to be revealed as the Dark Lord of the Sith, he's still better than the last four presidents we've had.

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It does seem the whole narrative has fallen apart these past few weeks.  I think Don is right, but I hope he's wrong.  We need Nuremberg-like trials and need to bring back public executions for some of these people.  They are nothing less than mass murderers, arguably the worst in all history.  And same goes to all the politicians who supported them.



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