Ukraine’s New Reality

Enter Putin’s reality. NATO now existed in Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia–three former Soviet republics directly touching Russian soil. The safety of a buffer region between Russia and NATO now no longer exists. Still, Putin tolerated this new reality until NATO made overtures to Ukraine who signaled its willingness to join if invited. Putin rightly saw the loss of Ukraine to NATO expansion as a red line he would not allow. … Continue readingUkraine’s New Reality

Courtesy AF Branco

Red Flag Laws – What You Need To Know

Every time there is a mass gun shooting, there will always be cries for more gun control laws. The left-leaning politicians in Washington have started pushing what they call “Red Flag Laws” to be implemented in each state. What are these red flag laws? What do they hope to accomplish? Let’s define what red flag laws are first: In the United States, a red flag law is a gun

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