The Outline of a Coup in America

What is transpiring in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Minnesota is nothing other than a blatant coup attempt – maybe even a revolution – against a duly re-elected President of the United States.  The fifth column media outlets would have us to believe:

  • A man in mental decline who has used his drug/sex addict son to funnel millions of dollars of corrupt foreign money from the Ukraine and China into his personal bank accounts, has received the most votes in US election history with absolutely no evidence of voter fraud.
  • That a man who can barely get 150 people to show up at his political rallies has more popular support than an incumbent President who routinely has crowds of 20000 – 30000 plus attend his rallies everywhere he goes including liberal bastions such as Beverly Hills, California.
  • That a sitting incumbent President, who has increased his vote totals from the last Presidential election even among minorities who traditionally vote Democrat, is losing to a man who has failed miserably in previous bids to be the Democratic nominee while in the prime of his political career.
  • That hundreds of thousands of votes that appeared in the late hours of the night – 100% all going to one candidate – all in Democratically controlled so-called “Battleground” states – are legitimate and not to be questioned in the slightest.
  • That nothing is wrong with state officials deciding to stop vote counting in states that have significant Trump leads only to later see the infusion of aforementioned “missing” ballots that all go to Biden and Trump’s vote tally does not change by even one vote.
  • That any mention of voter fraud by the many emerging whistleblowers is not to be believed.
  • That calling a state for a candidate who, at the time, was 300000 votes down with less than a third of the votes counted was the right call from their so-called “Decision Desk.”
  • That Trump should stand down and accept this outrage and “be Presidential” and “have the dignity” to lose with honor when the very same people cheered Al Gore on when he was taking his election challenge all the way to the Supreme Court.

What I’m describing here is the greatest threat to the United States of America since the Civil War.  Our election process has been so compromised that nobody in their right minds will ever trust it again.  How can they?  States like Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Nebraska, Iowa, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah etc…have had no problems getting their votes counted and a winner declared without any dispute.  Yet, states like Georgia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada are having a devil of a time keeping track of ballots and for some reason, continue to drag out their voting process.  The only difference in these states are they are run by Democrat machines and in Arizona’s case, by the McCain family who absolutely hates Trump.  Only a blind fool (or a Biden stooge) would not be able to see how fraudulent this election is.  How illegitimate it is.  How utterly ridiculous it is.

The very fabric of our nation is being ripped apart right before our very eyes.  We are being forced to watch the greatest election heist ever in a free world nation in all of history.  What can we compare it to?  The Night of the Long Knives in Germany?  The Gunpowder Plot in England?  The storming of the Bastille in France?  No.  The shenanigans we are witnessing in America, are far worse.  Why?  Because out of all of the nations that have proclaimed to be free and a beacon of hope, things like what we are seeing now should never happen.  In the past, even when our leaders disagreed, we usually worked things out thus allowing our great experiment in democracy to go on…maturing…improving…even when threatened or challenged.  Even our past social sins such as slavery, Jim Crow, and Manifest Destiny, have been acknowledged as wrong and corrected.  We owned our failings.  Now we have one political party blatantly doing whatever it takes to regain power.  The Founding Fathers would shriek in agony if they were alive to witness this disaster.  Many of them would say the Liberty Tree was in dire need of watering…patriots know what I’m talking about here…and it saddens my heart to admit they may indeed be correct.  But no matter what, the America you and I have known and loved, died on November 3, 2020.  The battle is now on to save whatever is left of her.  God help us all.

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About the author: donaldbaker
I am a gun enthusiast from Kentucky. My father introduced me to the joy of collecting and shooting fine firearms. I hold a B.A. in History from the University of Kentucky and an M.B.A. from the University of Louisville. I love to read historical works and watch college sports.
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