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The Twilight of America

J. Hector St. John De Crevecoueur wrote in his seminal work Letters From An American Farmer: What then is the American, this new man?…He is...

The Outline of a Coup in America

What is transpiring in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Minnesota is nothing other than a blatant coup attempt – maybe even a revolution...

Red Flag Laws – What You Need To Know

Every time there is a mass gun shooting, there will always be cries for more gun control laws. The left-leaning politicians in Washington have started...

The Colt M1877 – The First Double Action Revolver

Colt M1877 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchThis article is about the Colt Model 1877. For other Colt Double Action firearms, see Colt...

Welcome To!

Everyone should have a pair of these.  Wouldn’t you agree? Welcome to!  We are a new firearms site.  We are so new, we are...’s Top 10 Gun Manufacturers

Here is LegacyArmory’s top 10 list of best firearms manufacturers in the world. See if you agree with our list. All logos are registered trade...
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