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Lessons for the Political Right

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I just want to take this moment to state that just as there are people on the left that are dangerous, there are also people on the right who pose a danger.  I include Sidney Powell and Lin Wood on this list.  These two caused much so damage by making claims after the election that they could not back up, and ended up leading people astray.

It was really an eye-opener for me to see Trump supporters falling for these lawyers with a religious type of faith.  My first indicator that something wasn't right was around November, when Tucker Carlson said that Sidney Powell was making a claim that would be the biggest scandal in U.S. history.  However, when he asked her for some evidence, she got defensive and shut him off.

Later, on Twitter, Trump supporters were angry with Tucker Carlson, and I even saw one guy I followed put up a big "F--- Tucker" image.  What in the world?  I have watched Tucker on a regular basis for years, so I know his political philosophy quite well, and I trust him.  Who knows what Sidney Powell's political philosophy is? 

What about Lin Wood?  He went so far as to tell people on Georgia to not vote in the Senate runoff.  What in the world?  The later mentioned that Pence should be executed(!).  Even to this day, after Biden's inauguration, Lin Wood is still floating a conspiracy about how Trump is going to be president

So many people were duped into believing them because each had been part of a lawsuit involving right vs. left (Powell represented Gen. Flynn, and Wood represented the Covington kid).  For many Trump supporters, that was enough for them to become true believers.  I think both Powell and Wood were also very forceful and spoke in absolutist terms and did not back down.  I think Trump supporters fell in love with that speech and wanted to believe what these lawyers said without using critical thinking skills.

 This is madness, and it's coming from the right.  Conservatives should be upset about this.  Never put religious faith into a single politician.  Be skeptical, use reason, and think critically. 

It's a lesson I didn't know the right had to learn, but it's more important than ever.


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The source for all of these claims is the QAnon movement.  It is almost cult like.

However, the true lesson to be learned here is the Right needs to become better at cheating than the Left if it ever wants to be in power again.

The lesson I learned is that this nation has learned to vote in bread and circuses which means our experiment in democracy is at an end.  We will never recover from it until the Entitlement mentality is purged from our social consciousness.

Even if Trump were to be revealed as the Dark Lord of the Sith, he's still better than the last four presidents we've had.

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Do you think democracy itself is indicted in what we're seeing? 

In Mein Kampf, Hitler presented his plan of using the democratic process to attain power before he then effectively ended democratic government in Germany.  Today, the left uses the freedoms and benefits of democracy to crush it. 

Does this mean that democracy has a perpetual flaw that it can never overcome?  I think this is one of the failures of democracy; basically, people can democratically vote themselves a dictator if they wanted.  The only real way I can see that it can be prevented is by enshrining duties and rights in the Constitution that would prevent such abuses.



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