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[Sticky] What Will Happen To Trump?

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Yes, Biden could be impeached and removed from office, but that would require a gargantuan effort to do.  It would first require some overwhelming evidence that he knew not only about fraud, but about massive amounts of fraud, so much that it would impact the outcome.  I think that's a huge leap given the idea of "plausible deniability" that you'd think would be a no-brainer for people who would dare to engage in fraud at all at the highest level (even Biden's brother understood this according to the Bobolinski interview).  Second, it would require a massive shift in the winds of Congress.  Even with direct evidence of fraud, I don't think the Democrats would choose to impeach him.  They're fresh off their 0 for 2 outing with Trump, and you have to imagine that they'd dig in their heels regardless. 

Third, even if they got through these two, then what?  So Biden is impeached and we then welcome....President Kamala Harris?  Yeah, so unless you can also prove the same knowledge as Biden, she'd be our next president.  And let's carry on the hypothetical and pretend that unicorns have returned to America's heartland and Kamala Harris is impeached as well, we'd be welcoming our next Commander-in-Chief, President Pelosi. 

Basically, I can't see a way we win in any scenario.  This is why the most critical time for overturning a contested election is in the immediate aftermath.  Once that window of opportunity passes, just hunker down, and try to make people see the truth.

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The Left is retarded.  They seriously think Biden is fine.  That gas prices are not his fault and that Fauci did nothing wrong and high prices everywhere else are because of Covid or some other garbage.   The only things that can save us at this point are 1) the election is over turned...when the riots happen, they just get squelched immediately by a police/military force.  We temporarily play their cancel game with CNN, MSNBC, etc. 2) Trump becomes Speaker of the House.  I've seen that speculated in a few places.  IMO, not a bad idea.  They impeach Biden and convict his whole administration, unless they cooperate with Trump 3) We wait for 2024.  My hopes are small because these pathetically weak Republicans (other than 6 or 8 of about that? 6 or 8 out of what?  A few hundred) are doing absolutely nothing about election fraud. 

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