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So this past week the Department of Justice appointed a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.  It's perhaps several years too late, but whatever.

With that said, the person leading the investigation is David Weiss, who previously investigated Hunter Biden and only sought lightweight charges of tax evasion, at least until the deal was thrown out.


Question: what are we to make of this, and does it even matter? 

I don't think we can really trust Merrick Garland to be a neutral head of the DoJ, so it seems that by default there is "something up" with this appointment.  The most obvious corrupt possibility is that the investigation is intended to be a sham which hides or ignores evidence, exonerates Hunter and his father, and extinguishes a key attacking point coming from Republican candidates.

Of course, if Democrats ever wanted to clear Joe from the 2024 race altogether, it seems like they could push on the gas pedal and use the special counsel to eliminate him, thereby clearing the way for a Gavin Newsome candidate.

The cynicism is high here.  This is what happens when the neutral departments of government have become politicized.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene has already called this out for what it is....a sham and a means to cover up Hunter and Daddy's dirty laundry.  The RINOs will never have the spine to do anything about the Bidens...unless they want them out like you said.  But I'm not sure we are there yet.

Even if Trump were to be revealed as the Dark Lord of the Sith, he's still better than the last four presidents we've had.



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