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A little about Commerce Secretary nominee Gina Raimondo

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Rhode Island resident here. As Governor of RI, Gina Raimondo made us the 50th worse state for covid vac distribution, second to last in small business growth, and 47th in unemployment as of Dec 2020. She is a Progressive/Communist extremist. Her ties to Huawai go way back.  She has created a gaming and marijuana oligarchy in RI. 

You have been warned.

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Oh great.  More good news.  We're going to be a satellite of China before we know it.

After I watched some lectures on how the Chinese economy and overall system is run, I realized that it sounded like a model the left in America would probably love to have.  It relies quite a bit on capitalism to generate production, so it avoids the major flaws of the Soviet system, while the state has iron control over the social fabric of society. 



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