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Is America's racial divide worsening?

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I have noticed a distinct shift in Twitter recently and it is becoming more and more obvious.  This shift is toward more and more racial hostility by both black people against white people, and vice versa.  Anger toward white people in public discourse has been going on for much longer and has been seen as an "acceptable" form of racism, but the anger toward black people in public is something new that I hadn't seen before on this level.

For example, I often see in my Twitter timeline videos of black people committing crimes (sometimes horrific ones) against non-black people (usually white or Asian), or other videos which show bad behavior by black people, and the bigoted or stereotyping of replies follow.  I think the recent Scott Adams controversy, in which he said white people needed to "get away" from black people because the situation is hopeless, underscores how attitudes are changing, at least on Twitter.  For years I have seen anti-white bigotry from left-wing commentators, and it is now becoming systematized in levels of government.  However, the (not surprising) response of anti-black bigotry is something new.

So, is the racial divide worsening in reality?  Or is this the result of the ease of viral videos in the modern age?  Could it be that a few racial instigators on both sides are intentionally fanning the flames of racial hatred?  Or, perhaps, is Twitter's algorithm to blame by force feeding us with videos it knows cause a strong reaction in us?

Whatever the case, this is something to be concerned about.  Even if the racial divide is not worsening in the world outside of social media, perceptions about race are, and so this can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy which perpetuates itself in the real world. 

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Yes it is worsening and all by design to further destabilize America.  America is on its way to socialism, social credit scores, digital currency, and mandatory vaccines.

Even if Trump were to be revealed as the Dark Lord of the Sith, he's still better than the last four presidents we've had.



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