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Was The Baltimore Bridge Accident Deliberate?

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There are conspiracies running rabid on social media like Tik Tok claiming the bridge is a distraction to keep us from following what is going on with the P Diddy investigation which now includes involvement with Royals.  Also they say it was predicted on a Simpsons episode and on some video game. I've also heard the Russians were responsible though there is little evidence for that.  Should I put on the tin foil hat or not on this one?

Even if Trump were to be revealed as the Dark Lord of the Sith, he's still better than the last four presidents we've had.

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Yes, put on the tin foil hat for this one.  Make it extra heavy duty aluminum foil because it seems so absurd here.

I understand why belief in conspiracy theories seems to have increased in recent years.  After all, we regularly see news stories that appear to promote certain ideological views, but days, weeks, or months later, additional facts are uncovered which indicate the original stories were false.  We reason that the original, fake news stories were pushed to manipulate public perception on some level.  However, the danger is then *assuming* that every catastrophic event like this is all "part of a plan" to manipulate public perception.  This is where critical thinking skills are needed.

In the case of the Baltimore bridge, critical thinking can deflate different potential conspiracy theories:

  • Was it a terrorist act?  If so, it would require some sort of "compassionate terrorist" who did his job at 1:30 in the morning when few people were using it, while also allowing a mayday signal to go to the bridge to stop traffic right before the collision.  Oh, and the terrorist would need to power down the ship at the right moment to make it look like an accident. 
  • Was it an act of distraction by powerful people?  If it was people connected to P Diddy who wanted to turn attention away from his arrest, then it seems like they were about 12 hours too late since the P Diddy story was already in the news.  And if these powerful people were wicked enough to take out a bridge which killed many people, wouldn't they have instead just killed reporters trying to investigate the story, or FBI agents looking into the matter?

So while I am distrustful of stories in the media that push narratives for obvious ideological purposes, I also get a bit nauseous hearing people on the right on Twitter falling for clownish conspiracies.  Our society is entering an informational wasteland now. 😒



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